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We are small group of Consultants who want to provide quality care at more affordable costs and we are trying our best to put care over the profit. We can see the negative impact of long waiting lists for some conditions on the service users health and want to  help our community.

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If you cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the appointment you will receive 75 percent fee and if you cancel with in 24 hours you will receive 50 percent refund and if you cancel on the same day (up to 4 hours before the appointment)  you will get 25 percent refund. If you cancel with in 4 hours of the appointment you will not receive any refund. Please note this is to discourage DNA rates and  to make sure the appointment not go unused when there are lot of people waiting for the appointment.

If this is the case, please advice us at the earliest and we can liaise with you how best to resolve this to move things forward.

Referral from GP is NOT essential But it would be really helpful for you to discuss with the GP about potential assessment and get them on board at the earliest which would help at later stage of transferring the prescription responsibility to GP. In our experience, clients who have discussed and got agreement from GP prior to appointment have benefited from speeding up of necessary investigations done prior to initiation of any medication when necessary and easy acceptance of shared care in the long term.

We understand sometimes there can be disagreement between the service user and clinician. However, respectfully, we would like to state that the diagnosis is the Consultants professional opinion based on the information fathered, interview and using expertise. In that scenario, whilst we try to manage the expectations but final decision remains with the Consultant and please use the service only if you are comfortable with this.

The usual process is after you receive the diagnosis and get the necessary investigations done (routine bloods and in some cases ECG) the medication options would be discussed in the follow up appointment. We envisage it would take between 3 to 6 appointments on average for the stability of the medication to reach provided you tolerate the medication well.

In terms of transferring the responsibility—This depends on whether you already had agreement with your GP or starting the discussions with your GP at the early stage. The transfer of prescription responsibility via shared acre agreement need to be discussed with your GP by yourselves and we will try our best to engage with your GP in the process. Until then you might need to receive prescriptions privately